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             Andre Gunder Frank's Book ReOrient is a study of the development of world trade and economic conditions across the continents from 1400 through 1800. ReOrient offers a unique historical look at economic development, one that is not generally presented in the mainstream educational system. Frank attempts to present his argument from a broad perspective that shows the interdependence of the continents and the influence each had on the economic development of the others. Frank's holistic look at economic history and interpretation of historical facts allows him to develop a unique and plausible version of world economic development; however, his failure to consider factors within individual countries, questionable use of factual evidence, lack of consideration to different points of view and various other inconsistencies in his book debase his argument significantly.
             Frank begins ReOrient by addressing the "Eurocentric" economic views that are popular in modern historical texts. The quote "Europe invented historians and then made good use of them to promote their own interests at home and elsewhere in the world" shows us Frank's view of history even though he disputes the point. The book goes on to explain that a global economy has always existed and is cyclical in nature. Frank explains that there are A and B economic cycles, these cycles result in different sections of the world coming to power at various times throughout history. The A & B cycles that Frank cites in ReOrient are from an early book that he wrote and a theory that he developed in earlier works. These cycles are two to three hundred year periods of expansion and contraction in various regions throughout the world. As a result of the cyclical nature of economics it is inevitable that the once powerful Asian economies will again come back into power. Frank tells us that European countries were only able to gain influence over the world markets and trade through colonization and hegemony of various regions of the world.

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