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Living With Computers

             Over the last 5-10 years computer has firmly established as an indispensable device of our daily life. Whenever you go, you can see a computer, because we live in the age of information, where computers play key role. Now it would be hard to imagine modern world without our helpers. The rapid development of computer and software industry creates advanced machines and programs, which together can perform new tasks, and substantially increase productivity. Computers are used for number of different purposes and can be found both at work and at home.
             Americans have rapidly adopted the use of computer and Internet. Today, majority of us have a computer at home with an Internet access and everyone uses it for number of specific needs. According to U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Bureau 51% of American households had computers and 42% had Internet access in 2000. Today this number is even bigger and continues to increase.
             In America, computer industry and digital technologies are of a great importance. Our government have attributed to them 1/3 of a country's economic growth. The development of information technologies creates new jobs, professions, services, and interests, from which the society has a great benefit.
             Computer has changed the world and the lifestyles of people. Thanks to computer, we can go to the library, shop, or stock exchange without leaving our house. Generally, the use of home computer is intended for four major activities, such as education, entertainment, business, and service. We browse the Web in order to read news and weather forecasts, to find information on a certain topic that we might need in our educational process or just for personal interest, to buy or sell stock, to shop for various goods and services, to book tickets, and to communicate with people using ICQ, chat rooms, e-mail, and voice mail. With the help of Internet, it is easy to download music, pictures, and programs.

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