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The Beach

             I lay there motionless, staring at the giant puffs of cloud in the blue peaceful sky, letting the rays of heat to be soaked up by my skin. Surrounded by lush tropical tress and endless stretches of fine golden sand, I felt I was in my own little slice of Paradise. Nothing could have matched the exotic beauty of Bali. .
             I couldn't let mum miss out on something so close to heaven, so I selected the perfect postcard for her. Once it caught your eye, you could never get your eyes of it. The post card felt so real, so peaceful and heartwarming making a person feel they were in this blissful paradise. Right in the corner was an oval shaped stamp, featuring a giant coconut tree on the corner of a beach. Its serrated edges blended with the rest of the postcard. It was approximately 2 cms in diameter with the blurred picture giving an illusion of a gentle breeze. Instantly looking at it reminded me of the times where young kids climbed up the trees to slurp down the water from a coconut, sending a soothing and relaxing sensation down your spine. .
             But the main highlight was the panoramic and calendar photograph of Prestonia beach. The smooth figureless sand dunes, the gentle waves of the sea and the sight of the sea gulls swooping down the horizon, all contributed to convey this majestic experience. You could hear the swishishing of the waves and imagine the beautiful sand castles as the waves made their crests against the sand. You could feel the perfect temperature as you stood in the midst of the salt water, but if you were to taste it, it would not taste salty, but sweet. You could imagine lying down on the soft and fine sand while hearing the chirping of birds creating a rhythm within you. The beach was unique; there was no one on it. It wasn't crowded like most other beaches and let someone escape from the miseries of the world. The sea itself was a clean blue colour, not green like most other beaches.

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