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            A computer consists of many components, all very different in functionality but .
             they all work together to make a powerful machine that helps us in our everyday activities. .
             They facilitate basic functions such as term paper or speeches or even managing our .
             money on a day-to-day basis. Of course there are some computers that are very powerful .
             and run software that enables government agencies such as NASA precisely project all of .
             the events in our solar system. What I would like to do today is to demonstrate all the .
             components that make up the basic computer system, not necessarily the one that is used .
             by the government.
             The component that we use to hold the entire computer modules together is called .
             a computer case. There are a couple of different types of computer cases. One type is .
             called AT case which is used for the older computers, and the second one is called ATX .
             case which is used for more resent computers. Cases may also come in different sizes, .
             colors and styles. The main different between the two cases is the power supply that .
             come with them. A power supply, simply put, is the part that gives electricity to the .
             computer. The most common power supply supplies 250/300 watt of electricity. The .
             more advanced computer units require higher watts in order to run stably. .
             Another very important component is the main board, better known as the .
             motherboard. The motherboard serves as the mother of all the parts that make up a .
             computer. There are many important factors to a main board; one of the most important is .
             how much bus speed it can hold. A motherboards bus speed determines how fast .
             information will travel between all of the computer components. So the higher the bus .
             speed the better the computer performs. Another important detail to keep in mind when .
             choosing a motherboard is what kind of CPU you want to use on the board. There are .
             competing types of CPU made by different companies.

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