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            Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions.
             Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott, both of whom were deeply influenced by the antislavery movement, organized the Seneca Falls conference in July 1848 to bring men and women together to consider the subordinate role of women in the United States. The two organizers, together with others, drew up this declaration, using the Declaration of Independence as a model. About three-hundred people attended the conference and it was chaired by Lucretia Mott's husband, James. .
             Eleven resolutions were passed unanimously, and the twelfth was narrowly passed after a stirring speech from the floor by Frederick Douglass. The language of Jeffersonian liberalism would come to be used by women and African-Americans to extend the meaning of equality before the law for the next one-hundred and fifty years, right up to our time.
             The Declaration is presented to view the political and economic conditions that were foremost in the minds of women's rights advocates in the mid-19th century; consider the ideological tensions in classical liberalism, the ideology that justified the oppression of women and yet provided the conceptual underpinning of this Declaration; and finally examine the various educational issues implicit in these sentiments and resolutions.
             I think this relates to the Arizona schools in that due to these resolutions education extended further to the west. Women's opportunities began to expand as teachers began to move west. This is very important because by that same matter Mary Elizabeth Post came to be the first teacher in the Yuma area. This issue relates to the video about women establishing schools and founding associations. Many important concepts were resolved due to Elizabeth Stanton and Lucretia Mott's, which have helped revolutionize women and education.

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