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Imaging Is Everything

             Being a Web-based business, would principles of scientific management ever be useful to Getty Images? Explain. Would the quantitative approach be useful? Explain.
             Scientific management is the approach that Getty Images used from the beginning. They developed a science for each element of the individual's work on editing, collecting, purchasing, and delivering images. Which replaced the old way of image business operate. They scientifically select two companies that are teachable and developable. They saw the specialty of the two image firms and merge their best skill into one corporation. They also have a term of 10 to manage the firm 2,600 employees and divide work and responsibility between them. Getty Images changed the old rule-of-thrum of the process of the imaging business scientific management. Therefore, this method is not just useful to Getty Images, but also was used for its success. .
             Getty Images could benefit from the quantitative approach. They can collect statistical data on what their clients are looking and increase the collection of that subject accordingly. They can also examine their process of the collection flow to be more efficient to past the new photos to their clients. .
             2. Does Getty Images fit the description of a learning organization? Why or why not?.
             Getty Images does fit the description of a learning organization. They have a team of 10 members whom manage different part of the 2,600 employees, and they meet once a month to direct ideas, to decide whether the idea is feasible and how to execute the idea. New ideas came from learning old ones and others experience. In the process of brainstorm ideas, knowledge sharing is a must and the team of 10 because the point of contact of the knowledge management. They bring together different ideas and techniques from 2,600 employees onto one meeting table. After the information have been share among the team, they can transfer the knowledge learned to their subordinate.

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