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            A very controversial topic surrounding the United States public is the ongoing argument of abortion. In 1973 this procedure of saving women from the first or next born was legalized by the Supreme Court. Within that year alone the abortion rate took a sharp turn upwards. The abortion toll for that year leveled out at just below 1.6 million. A phenomenal number of children lost, for whatever reason the mother felt efficient enough to go through with the procedure.
             In the past decade pro-life activists have spent tireless hours not only trying to make the procedure illegal but impossible. Some Congressmen have taken a pro-life position, such as Joe Pitts of Pennsylvania. Joe Pitts has suggested women would chose these abortions it they "had a bad day." .
             Other situations have been entirely different. Such as LeRoy Carhart a retired Air Force lieutenant. Carhart chose Nebraska as the place to practice medicine, and raise his family. However he is a fifty-eight year old man of a diminishing breed, he is the only doctor in Nebraska that will perform a second term abortion. Carhart believes he is protecting the women and has even lost his house for his cause. .
             Abortion may be protecting a women's health, however there has been extensive research proving that life begins at the moment of conception. At the start of life this fetus inside has a sole and should be no more disposable than any other person. Put in simple terms abortion is murder and in no circumstances should it be tolerated.
             "Biologists all agree that life begins at the moment of conception whether you are a baboon, fox, or human. You didn't come from a single cell ovum, you once were a single cell ovum."(Dr.C.Everett Koop former surgeon general of the United States). These facts seem to be overlooked when hearing certain individuals say it should be the women's choice. By that rational a women would be able to kill her child at any time, because its here choice.

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