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Theory Of Life

            There are many theories concerning where life came from, but which one.
             is right? Did life come from pre-existing life on the Earth billions of.
             years ago? Did it come from this primordial soup filled with itty-bitty.
             organisms swimming around in it? What came first; the chicken or the egg?.
             Let's face it, no-one has the answers, which leads way for scientists to.
             form some pretty wacky ideas of where life originated (such as the theory.
             we came from clay). So, without further ado, I'll now state my idea about.
             where the heck life came from. I believe life originated by these giant.
             hairballs that were brought forth by these cat-like martians. Really,.
             think about it! You see, these martians landed on earth about 4 million.
             years ago and coughed up these giant hairballs. Apparently these.
             extraterrestrial cats didn't digest their food very well, and a few small.
             creatures were still alive - caught in the hairballs. After these cats.
             left, these little martian bugs and small furry animals resembling monkeys.
             crawled out of the hairballs and from that evolved into what we know as.
             life today. Wouldn't my idea of the theory of life work? I mean, they.
             did find these little microorganisms in the rocks on Mars. Also, bribed.
             sources from inside the Pentagon and NASA have quoted that they have found.
             bone fragments of what appear to be little creatures resembling monkeys,.
             and also these balls of hair with an unknown origin. Really. I Promise.
             Want more proof? Remember that face on Mars? The one in the Cydonia basin.
             next to the pyramids and the martian airport? If you look at the face.
             cross-eyed and crooked it looks like a cat! In conclusion, I believe.
             that my theory of the origin of life should be investigated further. Who.
             knows; it just could be true! Everyone has their own thoughts and ideas of.
             where life came from; except for the ones that aren't very imaginative and.
             stick to what the books say.

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