Is Organizational Behavior an Important Role of a Manager

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Is Organizational Behavior Important to the Role of a Manager?

Why is it that approximately 40 percent of new management hires fail within their first 18 months as manager? Is it because they do not possess the technical skills to achieve their job functions? No, the reason for failure is contributed to the fact they were unable to build good relationships with peers and subordinates (cited A. Fisher). Many managers have the ability to perform their jobs on the technical level; however, they never develop the interpersonal skills which would help them become an effective leader. The study of organizational behavior in business will assist managers to understand their individual employee's values, attitudes and job satisfaction which will assist the manager in building stronger interpersonal skills in turn making the organization more successful.

Part of a manager's responsibility should be to understand their employee's basic values. Values are an important foundation in the study of organizational behavior as they are the foundation of understanding individual's attitudes and motivation (Robbins 169). Values generally influence attitudes and behavior (cited Meglino and Ravlin) and carry an individua

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