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My Dream

             I would blow out the candles on my cake, open my presents, and play games with all my friends. But this year was going to be different, I hoped! It was not until I walked around the corner and saw it. It was what I had always wanted. My dreams had finally come true.
             Everyone kept telling me that this birthday was special because I was not going to be a little girl anymore. I thought that they were all lying because I felt the same way that I did yesterday and the day before. The sky was a pretty baby blue, the wind was blowing calmly, and all the park animals were playing with each other, paying no attention to thirteen screaming girls running around playing tag. .
             I heard my mother scream from our picnic area, “Girls, it is time to cut the cake and open the presents.” After the stampede had passed, we settled down and got ready for cake and ice cream. I was not really interested in my cake. I just wanted to open my presents. My mother finally let me open my presents after what seemed to be a lifetime. There was a cute green summer dress from Memaw and Papaw, some video games from my friends, a riding helmet from my Aunt, and there were several personal things from other members of my family. Little did I know the best was yet to come.
             I was sitting in a huge pile of blue and red bows, shiny silver ribbon, and lots of very bright, festive wrapping paper when I talked all my friends into another game of tag. As we were about to scatter, my mother said, “Not yet, Amber you are not done.” I looked at her, then turned around to do a quick look over of our picnic area. There were no more presents. Why was she making me stay? I had already opened all my presents, or so I thought. She was saving the best for last.
             “Go look behind your dad’s truck,” said my mother. Slowly, I walked over there. I did not see anything. I did not even see my dad.