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My Dream

             I could not believe it. A whole year had passed. It was time again for my birthday. It would be like any other. I would blow out the candles on my cake, open my presents, and play games with all my friends. But this year was going to be different, I hoped! It was not until I walked around the corner and saw it. It was what I had always wanted. My dreams had finally come true.
             Everyone kept telling me that this birthday was special because I was not going to be a little girl anymore. I thought that they were all lying because I felt the same way that I did yesterday and the day before. The sky was a pretty baby blue, the wind was blowing calmly, and all the park animals were playing with each other, paying no attention to thirteen screaming girls running around playing tag.
             I heard my mother scream from our picnic area, "Girls, it is time to cut the cake and open the presents.  After the stampede had passed, we settled down and got ready for cake and ice cream. I was not really interested in my cake. I just wanted to open my presents. My mother finally let me open my presents after what seemed to be a lifetime. There was a cute green summer dress from Memaw and Papaw, some video games from my friends, a riding helmet from my Aunt, and there were several personal things from other members of my family. Little did I know the best was yet to come.
             I was sitting in a huge pile of blue and red bows, shiny silver ribbon, and lots of very bright, festive wrapping paper when I talked all my friends into another game of tag. As we were about to scatter, my mother said, "Not yet, Amber you are not done.  I looked at her, then turned around to do a quick look over of our picnic area. There were no more presents. Why was she making me stay? I had already opened all my presents, or so I thought. She was saving the best for last.
             "Go look behind your dad's truck,  sai

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