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What is success? The definition of success I believe is very personal and will be different for everyone. I may have lived only sixteen years of the eighty years I might go on to live, but I think I know enough to distinguish what success is. In the book Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, writes about an old salesman, full with expectations from one of his older son, Biff. He imagines Biff will do great things and accomplish goals he himself has yet to strive for. I think success is something accomplished over time. Over this course of time you gain knowledge and endure obstacles with patients and hardship. It ¡ ¦s all about how hard you try in your life, even if you have failed, your struggle to strive for success is so great you will feel no remorse.

I agree success is partly the attainment of a steady paycheck that allows you to afford your life style. Moreover success is something that is more then just a goal in life. You may have everything but still not be happy nor satisfied. Success is your paycheck because that is what makes you happy, and that is what makes you who you want to be. You have got to ask yourself what you want to be when you grow up. Do you want to be like Biff? Biff, the know nothing, lazy and ignora

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