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Community Policing

             Community policing is a philosophy that is hard to explain. This chapter starts off by stating what we already know community policing: it is a philosophy in a way and has no set definition. This translates into it being harder to implement the ideas of community policing. For if you don"t know what you mission statement is how do you know if you are community policing correctly. By very definition we know it involves the community further from that not much is really cleared up. However the biggest question does community policing work is still not answered. Are communities really safer because of it? This article broke community policing up into categories and then the categories into more categories which really never had to be categories, yet never assured that question.
             Community policing apparently has four stages thinking it up, planning it, implementation, and running the thing. Also know as the philosophical, strategic, tactical, and organizational "dimensions". Community policing seems to be run like any other program or way of policing. There is nothing really that special about it. Like every other way that has been chosen, community policing has good and bad points to it. The ideas of community police seem to be adopted but not enough funds or emphases is put behind it to make something of it. This is upsetting for many reasons. Would it work better if more were put behind it? Will officers take it seriously if they just think it is just another way of doing things and soon there will be another?.
             It is also to tell if community policing works how it is spots too. You cannot be sure if it is community policing or some other outside factor that help statistics. Some of the ideas seem to work like storefront stations and 88-crime. Other ones however do not seem to work at all. This is not certain because it is hard to get statistics and attribute the good and bad to certain areas.

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