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College Life

             On January nineteenth, 2002, I attended my first class in college. I was not very exited about traveling 300 miles to go to school. Not too many men in my family attended college in the past, so I am sure my parents wanted me to go. School was always almost a secondary priority for me. No matter what I did I knew that my homework or other assignments would be done whenever I got to it. In college, there is no doing your work whenever you get to it. It is a level up from high school, and when the professors assign work it is very complex. I knew college would not be easy, but there are way too many variables that can cause the pressures we face to make good grades.
             When I got here, things were not going so great. I had English, Biology, Math, History, and Social science. Each of my teachers wanted me to purchase a book for their class. These books cost from twenty to one hundred and twenty dollars. My English and History wanted students to purchase more than one book for their classes. My books totaled to $ 660.00. The problem was that I had to pay out of my own pockets for these books. My tuition was already about $ 8000.00, and financial aid only gave me a loan for $2000.00. I could not get my books for about two weeks. I had to find a friend with these books or look on in class. I could not do my homework assignments. I already had a bad start and it was not even my fault. The pressure was rising.
             It is the middle of the semester, and I established some good friends along with the two or three people I have known since high school. There are many outings, parties, and campus happenings going on. There is also work, lots of it. Every weekend there was a party, and every weekend there was work to do. Make a choice, homework or parties, girls or loose leaf. You can obviously see the choice to make here. School was very important and I didn"t want to mess up. So I chose the party just like most of the first semester freshmen.

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