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Commercial Analysis

             Commercial assignment.
             The first commercial was a Gateway commercial. It shows a gateway computer with a simple commercial with the info of how much it costs and what if offers. This commercial is using the central route on catching its buyers. It shows the computer and the things it offers and that is all of what was on it. So it was defiantly a central route commercial. This is a good commercial.
             2.The second commercial was a slim fast commercial, there was a bunch of people just sitting there explaining how it tastes so good and it gives them energy at the same time it works well on the diet. I also believe this commercial is a central route commercial because it was just people saying how they like it and how it works. No sex appeal and indirect advertisement. This is a good commercial.
             3.The third commercial was a Subway hot oven toasted subs commercial. And the worker keeps eating the subs before they get to the buyer. They show how the subs are made and how good they taste, and then before the worker gives the sub to the buyers he takes a bite from not being able to keep the urge back. I believe this was a combo of both persuasions and central commercial. Showing the basic info of what they are selling, yet adding the extra urge to eat with the boy eating everyone's food. Making it seem like " get it while it lasts or else." This is a funny and good commercial.
             4. The forth commercial is a metabolife commercial where a girl talks about how she if fat and hates to go to the beach and simple places until she found matablolife and then is skinny in just a few months with no hassle. This commercial uses central route because even though it has a girl who probably really didn"t get skinny but it shows all the info and the facts. This is a bad commercial cause it doesn"t work.
             5. The fifth commercial is A frozen girl in a frozen cavern and she makes a blow and makes all the ice fall down then talks about how ice isn"t a task anymore.

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