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Commercial Analysis

             The commercial I chose to analyze was for Loreal long lasting hair color. It aired on a Sunday afternoon, about 1 o"clock pm, during a movie. This commercial was greared towards an audience of women and possibly some men who wish to improve their appearance. Loreal chose a pretty model to demonstrate their hair color and talk about the amazing results and how long the product will work on your hair. The commercial was effective to all audiences because of the use of the model. Men may be responsive to the attractive female, and women may respond because of the way that her hair shines and flows freely. .
             The most effective part of the hair color commercial would definantly be the model herself. She is the focal point of the camera and she is always located in the center of the screen with a close up shot. She has a beautiful face and striking blond hair. She may be the typical beauty symbol of the blond hair, blue eyed beauty. On the other hand, the least effective part of this commercial would have to be the set. The use of neutral colors and fine lines draws attention away from the set so that all attention is drawn to the model. The background is a light taupe color and the lighting is very soft. This makes the product, the model, and the use of bold words almost impossible to miss. .
             This commercial was constructed well and would draw the attention of all viewers who are interested in improving their appearance, looking years younger, or those that are simply looking for a change.

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