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            Recently, you passed a law in New York State that bans smoking in bars and/or restaurants, also known as the “clean indoor air act”. The penalty is up to two thousand dollars. Its reason being that it protected workers and customers from second hand smoke. I strongly disagree with this decision. However, they failed to think about the other consequences that would result from this new ruling. While I do understand the origin of this law, I feel that it could have been considered more thoroughly. Though the air in bars is much cleaner and more comfortable, there are more important concerns at hand. People put themselves at risk by being around smokers and that is not a decision for anyone else to make except that individual.
             After September 11th, our economy adversely suffered. This new law has caused almost a fifty percent plummet in the state’s business income and many employees have even been laid off as a result. For what; to protect people from smoke? I highly doubt that certain persons wouldn’t rather keep their jobs than be subjected to others’ smoke. .
             People thought that by banning smoking in bars, people would be encouraged to quit smoking. In reality people have only been encouraged to go to places where they are allowed to smoke wherever they please. So while we need to keep our economy steady, we are in fact chasing people away. .
             This not only turns many customers away from going out in New York, but it puts many out on the street. People consume their alcohol in the bars and then are told to go outside to smoke a cigarette. This stipulation encourages drinkers to be in the street, where they may become belligerent. Why would you want hundreds of people smoking outside? To add to the debris and pollution that already exists in New York? .

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