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The Dreaming

            How is the Dreaming becoming part of Australia's values and beliefs?.
             The Dreaming is a European word that expresses the way in which traditional Australian Aboriginals live. It portrays an everlasting world, created in the far-distant past that includes the present and the future. .
             Mythological beings and spirits shaped this world, each playing different parts. They created all the natural resources as well as the people. They gave the people the rules and patterns of living that would allow them to flourish (Bernt, 1985, p. 7). Stories from this period in the Dreaming, known as the Dreamtime are popular among all children across the country. One particular Dreamtime story, "The Rainbow Serpent" by Rick Roughsey holds a special place in the heart of myself and many of my peers.
             Unlike most non-indigenous religions in this country, The Dreaming is an entire way of life. It ties the land to the people in complex ways, which result in both traditional and contemporary Aboriginal peoples holding a great affinity for the land (Nile, 1992, pp 7-8). This notion has taken many non-indigenous Australians a long time to even begin to understand, however the Dreaming is a concept that may be starting to touch all of Australia as demonstrated by the following occurrences. .
             Recent legal and political decisions in this country (High Court Mabo Decision 1992 & subsequent Native Title Act 1993) show that Australia as a nation is at least beginning to formally recognise the importance of what the land means to Aboriginals. The fact that this has occurred in the highest court and political level may indicate that non-indigenous Australians are beginning to understand and take on some of the values and beliefs associated with the Dreaming.
             The successful campaign against the continued operation of the Jabiluka uranium mine involved both indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. It showed a variety of Australians from different backgrounds sharing a common passion for the land (Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation, 2002).

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