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English Paper

            "President Obama proposed that American school children extend their time in class, either by lengthening the school day, or spending less time on summer vacation" (Text A). Is he looking for more drop outs? Congress should not support President Obama's plan to lengthen the school day and year.
             School begins approximately at 8:00 A.M. everyday. The majority of students are dismissed around 2:00 P.M. There are students that are on teams, school clubs, or involved with musicals that demand a lot of extra time. Meanwhile, there are students that go to tutoring, because they are not understanding what they're learning. President Obama probably believes that the reason they are not understanding is because there isn't enough time for each class. Maybe it's the teachers that aren't teaching right. Students may not understand what they're doing, and won't tell the teacher. So the teacher will continue on with the lesson. "Keeping students in school longer, giving them a better shot at success. Failing to do our best to educate all of America's children is a mistake that will hurt this country for years to come" (Text B). Just because you're in school longer, doesn't mean that will bring you more success. There are many students that get bullied during the hours of school; why would they want to stay longer? They have enough to endure, making them not want to go to school. Extending the school day will end up making them cut school often, or possibly not show up at all. .
             "An extended school day would have myriad impacts on family life, and many would be negative an extended school day would mean that students would have less time with their families" (Text C). This is so true! As a student of Port Richmond High School, I am an athlete and a performer. I already get out of school late because of practices! When I get home its about 7:00, so I have to eat, do homework and shower before I can go to bed.

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