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Teenagers and Birth Control

            Every year, more than 900,000 teenagers are pregnant. More than 80% of them are not intentional pregnancies and almost of them half seek to either get rid of the baby by their own means or abortion. Many of these teenagers actually happen to come from either an offensive, dysfunctional or a single mother or father families. Parents, law enforcement, health facilities, and other government type agencies like the C.D.C, have a tendency of unintentionally pushing those young female teenagers to fleeing, attempting suicide, or even illegal and risky abortion because of how much they stress on the consequences of teenage pregnancies. The idea of birth control pills is usually never presented to those teenage girls. As a matter of fact, some political figures like Cory Gardner who is a GOP Senate candidate want to ban birth control. Birth control may decrease the amount of unplanned pregnancies sure, but, of course we as a community need to stress about the cons of early sexual activity, nevertheless, what is to stop a sixteen year old girl from losing her virginity to a boy that has consumed her world?.
             Over the years, countless attempts have been made to ban female birth control. Mostly and specifically for minor teenage girls. Statistics have shown that if that were to happen then the amount of teenage pregnancies will strike up to over two million pregnancies per year, which is a 110% increase than the current rate. Since, around 50% of those pregnancies turn into abortions, teenagers running away, suicide, we can all see the amount of damage it would do. According to Cory Gardner, "it is all on us now. If we simply implement to our teenagers the idea that anything can be avoided, then might as well give everybody guns" (134). He does have a point but, we can't judge all individuals based on a few or more cases that went bad. Some parents and guardians want to stay on the safe side and avoid any complications in the future as far as pregnancies go.

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