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The American Dream

             What is the American Dream? We all have dreams of different kinds. To some people, the American Dream is having all that is available in this life to meet your needs, wants, and desires. To others it means having a great job, a wonderful family, and a secure future. Maybe to others it means just having the opportunity to prove themself. Whatever it is to you, the American Dream has three central ideas that define what it is. .
             America has been called a new Eden. In the Bible, Eden is known as a place of perfection and beauty, where everything and everyone is perfect. There are no problems or evil, only good. Food and opportunity are abundant in many forms. People believed this was true in America as well. Around the 1600's, when the English were beginning to make their way across the ocean to this new land, stories were told of gold, silver, and priceless gems lay on the beaches, just waiting to be picked up by any who came here. They quickly learned that the new land was very good, full of bountiful resources and opportunity, but it was also not without its problems. But the important part is that people believed it was all they heard it would be, and they were willing to help solve its problems and build upon this "promised land" a foundation for their future.
             It has been said that you can"t fight progress, and that has been a big part of the success of our country. The one thing that always remains the same, and most people agree on, is that everything, at some point, will change. Our society is based on change, and without change the world would not prosper and progress. No matter what the situation might be at this point in time, it will always change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Progress, for the most part, is good for us, and we can expect life to keep getting better and better as we grow as a country. No one would have ever thought that computers would play such an important role in our everyday life.

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