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            In the time of Freud and Jung, when the theories of dreams and the unconscious was being.
             developed, another movement was being made. This movement was the surrealist.
             movement, and was developed in the 20th century. This surrealism, was a style of art that.
             explored theories on the way the brain worked. The paintings that came out of this were.
             dreamlike and sometimes bizarre. .
             The paintings that I chose to concentrate on were two men whose names were.
             Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. The first painting that struck me was Pablo Picasso's.
             painting called "The Dream". This painting shows a women sleeping. I thought what was.
             interesting about this piece of art was that she looks so peaceful, yet she is drawn so.
             abstract that it makes you wonder what she is dreaming about. During the time this piece.
             was drawn, both Freud and Jung had just come out with there theories on the unconscious.
             mind and how dreams were part of the repression humans experienced. These theories of.
             Freud and Jung influenced much of the later surrealist painters.
             One man in particular whose name was Salavador Dali was inspired by the idea.
             that the brain was only partly conscious and that humans were not aware of the.
             subconscious part of the brain. He believed that this part held much activity and that.
             humans held no control over this activity. This so called activity could come out in the.
             dream like form that I have talked about in my paper. His thoughts on this subject can be.
             seen in many of his paintings. .
             Two Paintings that interested me were called, "La Persistance de la Memoire" and.
             the "Dream of Bee Flight." These two paintings have a very surreal and dream-like feel to.
             them. "La Persistance de la Memoire", is set in a eerie type setting with time as a major.
             theme. The second painting, "The Dream of Bee Flight", shows a person whose in a.
             dreaming of all sorts of bizarre things such as tigers and bees. This painting shows Dali's.
             thoughts on just what sort of things the subconscious part of the brain could hold.

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