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Animal Farm

            I think that a society can be corrupted if a citizen does not do their part. Animal Farm is filled with leadership, hope and hard work. Mr. Jones, the owner of Manor Farm, has not been a very dependable farmer. Lately Mr. Jones had been doing his job. Mr. Jones had been drinking a lot and had not done his work to keep Animal Farm clean. His careless attitude makes Old Major (Berkshire boar), motivate the animals to rise up against Jones. The boar calls for a meeting to explain his dream for the farm animals. Although Old Major does not narrate the dream that he had but he does explain the ill treatment given to them by man and the dreary and terrible life they are leading on the farm. Old Major also inspires the animals with his song 'Beasts of England.' Old Major had died that night of the speech that he made.
             The animals at Animal Farm had leadership such as Napoleon. Napoleon is a determined, power-hungry, cruel and eminent boar that stoops to any level to gain his goal. He is a leader because he wants things done his way. Napoleon always makes the animals work 100%. After a while the animals realize that they are not getting cared enough and they want more food. The Animal wants a new leader with more responsibility but no one will take a stand because Napoleons dogs will run him or her away from Animal Farm. .
             The animals at Animal Farm had lots of hope like Boxer and Clover. Boxer was a big, powerful, honest, and devoted carthorse that does not have many brains but always comes forward whenever any hard work is needed and he always wanted the best for Animal Farm and when he had to work, he always gave 110%. Another animal that had hope in Animal Farm was Clover. Clover was a motherly pony that is truly concerned about the interests of the animals. .
             The animals on Animal Farm had lots of hard workers. Every single animal on the farm had to do his or her part of the job to make animal farm a better place to live and stay.

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