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Personal statement

             11, 2001, China, together with the rest of the world, celebrated its ultimate attainment of WTO membership. As a student majoring in finance, I, while praying for a bright future for my country, feel quite excited at the encouraging career opportunities made possible by the opening of China's financial sector.
             I settled in Hong Kong with my parents in 1994. My middle school life was thus spent in this financial center of the world. My parents now operate several enterprises in HK and my growth accompanied that of those enterprises. I witnessed the entire process how my parents became established in their business. Meanwhile I developed my own strong interest in commerce, especially in finance, and cultivated my business intuition. In 1998, I took the university entrance examination (administered by China Education Commission) specially orientated towards overseas Chinese students and was subsequently enrolled in Tsinghua University as the 2nd top student among them. In this most prestigious university, I chose to specialize in international finance. .
             With its competitive environment and academic elitism, Tsinghua University helped me develop a mature character and lay a solid career foundation. Nevertheless, as Mainland China and HK differ fundamentally in educational system and textbooks, my initial disorientation resulted in my relatively unsatisfactory scholastic performance. Yet I had implicit confidence in my intelligence and my potential and with due efforts (doing coursework for an average of 10 hours a day was not uncommon) I managed to rank top 10% for the last year in a class of 30 students and was awarded HK PeiHua Educational Scholarship. This reaffirmed my philosophy of life: success comes more from diligence than from natural talents. .
             Finance is a subject posing high demands on the comprehensive qualities of a person. For a practitioner in this field, mere professional knowledge is not enough.

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