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In class essay

             There are many people on this earth that are just ungrateful and do not realize what important values really matter. For example, the valedictorian in the article is ungrateful for what she has. The article states how honored Sleiman is to sit in the first row of seats at her college graduation. She considers how the family's struggle at flipping burgers helped her to be successful. When she got home, she calculated how much burger flipping had to be done by her parents, cousins, aunts, and uncles to help her to become successful in life. She continues calculating how much money she needed for her expenses and realizes that her family had gone through a great deal for her to succeed in school. Sometimes the most successful people end up with almost nothing or are successful but are unhappy. Sleiman thanks God for the blessings he has provided her in life. She is able to say "thank you" to the family who stood over smoky grills and hot ovens. She learned the value of being grateful to her family for helping her learn how to earn money in a shorter amount of time. Unlike her parents and other relatives, who had to experience more difficult ways of earning money because they were less fortunate. She is proud of herself and of parents for not giving up within the family. She is thankful of her family for flipping burgers so she can succeed in school and have a better future.
             All I want out of my education is a good future. After reading this passage it made me realize that my life relates to Vicki Sleiman. Her family really sacrificed a lot of important things in their life for her to succeed in school. As for my personal experience my parents are very similar to Sleiman's parents. Both of my parents are barely home during the week because they both work long hours to support their five children. Being the oldest of five children, I tend to learned important responsibilities and understand what things are important.

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