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violence in movie

             I am about to tell you about the first time I ever had an experience with the supernatural. You know, you don't remember much from your real early childhood? Well I remember this like it was yesterday and this happened to me about 15 yrs ago. I was about 5 or 6 yrs old. My bedroom was in the middle of the house, so it didn't have any windows at all and it would get really dark, so I had a night-light. Well, I remember waking up one night and the bed had been made over me with only my head and arms sticking out and the covers tucked under my armpits. And I am a wiggle-worm at night so I was sitting there trying to focus and see what was going on. Then once my eyes focused, I noticed that some of my toys were laid across the bed. At the foot of my bed was a black-and-white kind of transparent young boy, maybe about 10 yrs of age. He was just sitting there playing with my toys. I was so paralyzed with fear and awe that I couldn't move, and the lump that had formed in my throat wouldn't allow me to scream or speak. Then the boy had seen me awake and noticed that I was looking at him. He pointed at me and started laughing at me. I finally broke out of my paralysis and ran to my folk's room. Luckily, my aunt lived next door and I ran over there in the middle of the night banging on their door for them to let me in. I stayed there the rest of that week and was scared to go into my own house. I never seen the boy again, but would hear laughter coming from rooms I wasn't in, especially when I was home alone. .

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