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American Dream

            Ever since July 4th 1776, the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, there has been a belief in the minds,and hearts of all Americans. This belief has taken people farther than they could ever imagine and has made America a place for everyone. This belief has turned people from rags to riches, and made America the most appealing country in the world. The belief that has captivated this regal country is the "American dream," a dream that everyone has his or her own freedom, a freedom from oppression and a freedom to achieve anything, a liberty to create a wonderful life.
             The American dream has captivated people for centuries, and is rooted in the decisions of the founders of our country. Even though early in our country's history, not every race was free from oppression, the government was set up so we, the people, could change laws and create a country for everyone. These creators could have made our country a dreadfully strict dictatorship, but chose to create a country full of opportunity where anyone could achieve anything. This freedom is the basis of our government. Our freedom is endless, and gives us the opportunity to be all that we can be. The only barrier that hinders an American's success is the desire in his or her heart. With this amazing freedom and opportunity people have turned their lives around. The true freedom of America has created so much opportunity, that there is a place for anyone. Our freedom has produced thousands of success stories that were made possible by the liberty that was given to us at birth. These success stories range from people becoming amazingly successful overnight to people who had been oppressed, having the right to stand up for their rights, and liberating themselves from the cruelty of domination.
             A success story that stands out among all others is the account of a man who knew his rights of freedom and was willing to fight against the stronghold of oppression and free his people from the domination of another race.

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