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Animal Farm

             In Animal Farm, George Orwell uses symbolism to compare his characters with their real-life counterparts. The characters have similar personalities as their real-life counterparts. George Orwell uses real-life events and utilizes symbolism in his book to give the events connections to the Russian Revolution. He also uses this writing technique to criticize the Russian Revolution and it's leaders. His symbolism illustrates what life was like during the Russian Revolution. Even though George Orwell doesn't directly state in the novel which characters stand for their real-life counterparts, the personalities and actions of his characters identify their symbolic historic figure. Through the use of symbolism, his animal characters can be compared to these historic figures and the events of the Russian Revolution. The portrayal of the Russian Revolution through his symbolic characters gives this novel a significant role in 20th century literature. Orwell uses symbolism to compare his characters to religion and the founders of the revolution, propaganda and the working class, and the leaders after the rebellions, to allow the readers to understand the history of the Russian Revolution. .
             A raven and a pig symbolize religion and leaders of the Russian Revolution. Old Major was the inventor of Animalism and could be compared to the inventors of Communism named Marx and Lenin. Old Major and Karl Marx died before the Revolutions began, but they were still responsible for getting the rebellions started. All three gave speeches about hopes and ideas of the future. Moses, a talkative raven, represents the Russian Orthodox Church. Stalin and Napoleon let religion into the lives of the animals and people for motivation and support. George Orwell uses Moses to show the disappearance and reappearance of the Russian Orthodox Church during the Russian Revolution.
             Propaganda and loyal workers of the Russian Revolution are symbolized in Animal Farm by use of Squealer the pig and Boxer the horse.

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