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Animal Farm

             "Animal Farm" uses metaphors to describe the Russian revolution .
             All the characters seem to represent some leader, or .
             class, or other country involved in the revolution. Orwell tries to illustrate the .
             futility of any human system of government and it's eventual fall.
             "Animal Farm" begins on a farm in England. The farm is run by a Mr.
             Jones, who in the past was a good farmer but has had legal problems and Mr. .
             Jones has developed a drinking problem and has been mistreating the animals and .
             forgetting to feed them. The oldest pig on the farm, Old Major, calls for a .
             meeting of the animals in the in the barn at night, while the farmer is sleeping to .
             discuss his life and what he has learned. Old Major tells of how the animals lives .
             are short and hard, how they are given just enough to keep alive and working. Old .
             Major also speaks of a dream he has had involving a song called " The Beasts of .
             England", which is about a rebellion of the animals against man. Old Major says .
             that man is the problem in their society because he takes all their produce and .
             labor, and then treats them as slaves. This leads to the subject of rebellion and .
             how the animals do not need man, and someday, sooner or later, the animals will .
             rebel and then lead happy easy lives. Old Major also says the animals must never .
             Pennock 2.
             come to resemble man by living in a house sleeping in a bed, wearing clothes, .
             drinking alcohol and so forth. .
             Three days after the speech Old Major dies. Afterwards the pigs .
             compound Major's Principles into a system of philosophy called animalism and .
             the animals continue to have meetings after Mr. Jones goes to bed. At these .
             meetings the pigs led by Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer can expound .
             animalism to the other animals. Some of the animals have a harder time .
             accepting animalism than others, such as the horses, which have a hard time .
             thinking things out for themselves, but once persuaded are very loyal.

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