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Small Packages

            "Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow, fail in order to know, lose in order to gain and sometimes we have to be broken so we can be whole again.".
             Life is never logical. Circumstances come to us with a purpose beyond human understanding. The above quotation made me realize that the ultimate maker of our destiny is God. There are times that we doubted His power (like St. Thomas do) yet in the end something best awaits.
             I was supposed to be admitted in a government scholarship-the opportunity that I have long been praying for. I took a hard time completing all the requirements to the point of getting out of class. But suddenly, I was so depressed to hear that there is no way for me to avail it since I do not belong to the upper class section in our school. I pitied myself then. My teachers who have inspired me to pursue it should have told me before hand. The scholarship is not a privilege but a chance. I was then less motivated to try my luck in the other school not until when I took the USEP entrance examination filled with hope and courage to be in the computer-engineering course. I made it in the list! However, time was so bitter when the school decided to scrap out the course, which landed me to take another interest-Biology. At present, I am still adjusting and trying to get the feel of it.
             Perhaps, these so called frustrations of mine are not as intense as the others. One thing for sure, I have learned to take the game of life to stand up against all the odds. I also realized how lucky I am working for His will for me. For each of us, let us enjoy the "little things" for one day we may look back and discover they were the "big things"-for victory comes in small packages.

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