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            Doing this entire project made me realize that there are many forms of bullying that take place not only at school or in the playgrounds amongst children, but also at the workplace. .
             It is definitely traumatizing for both adults, and teens/children. The depression is very common and leads to quite major health issues, e.g. anxiety attacks, lowered self-esteem etc. Some cases are so bad that it may lead to suicide, one of the ways out that the victim imagines to be the only solution. Imagine yourself being constantly teased and threatened. Would you be able to concentrate on your schoolwork? You would always be insecure about yourself, always worrying about what will happen the next time you encounter this person, or group. Eventually you would lose all self-confidence, and view yourself as a failure. .
             Almost everyone has encountered a form of bullying in your lifetime. You may not realize it but when that older student kicked you out of your seat on the bus, you just experienced bullying. It happens almost everywhere you go, in many forms big or small. Is there a way to change this harassment of bullies on others? Maybe if we could answer the question, "Why?" Why do bullies target individuals with low self-esteem? Why do they bully anyone in the first place? Is it their self-esteem that is low? Are they the ones hurting inside, and they have to pick on somebody else to ease that pain? Bullies need to possess seniority over others and I suppose that is their way to enforce it. .
             Can we as a community find ways to try to stop bullying? There might be some simple solutions to the problem. Many fights linger or strive on an audience, but what if there was no audience? Many children, especially teens have watched and provoked fights with two or more students fighting. If they are not there, it is a possibility that the fight might not even take place. More children should also try methods to deter bullies, by either fighting back in self-defence that shows your confidence and therefore deters the bully, but might lead him to another individual who cannot show self-defence.

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