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The Beach

            As we pulled up to the condo, I rolled down my window so that I could have a good view of the green-blue ocean. As I stepped out of the car, I got my first taste of the salty sea air. .
             After dragging all of my luggage up the flight of stairs that never seemed to end, I was already exhausted. But I still had to pick out my room. The room that I chose was the prettiest of them all. The walls were covered with a yellowish color that reminded me of my favorite flower, the daffodil. .
             As I walked over and opened the french doors, I was greeted by the warm sunshine and the cool ocean breeze. I stood there awhile and gazed out towards the sea. The beauty of the sun that was just about to set amazed me as it reflected off the blue water. .
             I wanted to go down to the beach before it became dark. I grabbed a huge beach towel and ran towards the water. So excited to be there, I totally forgot that it was the middle of November and that the water was anything but warm. I jumped in anyway. It felt like hundreds of needles stabbing me everywhere. The pain was too intense. I had to get out. I decided just to sit there and watch. .
             I sat there with my arms wrapped around my legs just taking in all the beauty that surrounded me. I wiggled my toes in the thin South Carolina sand that had been warmed by the sun. I watched as the gentle breeze tossed the water playfully, creating mystical waves. .
             The sky was light with an assortment of colors such as, orange, yellow, crimson and pink. The sun hid behind the clouds for a while and then suddenly descended into the never-ending sea. .
             The next morning I was awoken by the sun pouring through the half open shades. The shades rattled a little because the window was slightly open. I could feel the cool gentle breeze flowing in the room. I threw my head back down on the pillow and laid there for a while longer. .
             Around 8:30 or so I was awakened again, but this time by the crackling sound of the bacon.

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