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Animal Farm

             "In this chapter the decline from ideal democracy to dictatorship is completed. Show how Orwell illustrates this to the reader in the context of both animal farm and the wider world".
             In this chapter of animal farm we can see that Napoleon has been totally corrupted by power. Napoleon manages though to maintain his position through the suffering of others with the aid of his bodyguard dogs. Napoleon is able to root out those animals that in his view do not conform and are likely to start rebellious thoughts, regardless of their contributions to animal farm. Boxer can not contemplate that he is worth nothing to Napoleon even after Napoleon prompted the dogs to attack Boxer, which failed as Napoleon underestimated boxer's strength. Boxer viewed the attack as merely an accident and as he looked to Napoleon as what to do with the dog under his hoof it shows there were no feelings of hate for Napoleon but simply feelings that Napoleon is his leader and he must do as he wishes. The day of this purge marked a milestone as "Since Jones had left the farm, until today, no animal had killed another animal. Not even a rat had been killed." Despite the fact that napoleon killed four of his own kind it shows his himself being very wise as he uses the doctrine effect that if you are not for Napoleon's revolution then you must be against I and thus they were disposed of. As is seen later on in the story Napoleon intends to breed his own master race, a clear symbol of Nazi Germany. The animals have to accept the fact that the executions were of traitors. If not, then they have to accept the fact that the situation is worse then it was when they were under Jones's power. The use of the dogs begins the evil force which helps Napoleon maintain power. Later, the dogs do even more dastardly things when they are instructed to kill the animals labelled as "disloyal." Stalin, too, had his own special force of "helpers" the secret police.

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