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Personal Goals

            My name is Tom and I have chosen to go back to school at the University of Phoenix to complete my Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. I have set some personal goals for my self such as being on time for class, completing my assignments on time, being a positive group team member and finishing my degree in the allocated time. .
             Sometimes it is very difficult for me to be on time because I am a full-time employee and work a great distance from my class. I am also a full time father and husband to add to the mix. Time management can be very challenging at times because I have to be able to effectively allocate my time to my family, which is very important to me and manage all the other needed requirements through out the day. This means sharing in the responsibilities at home equally with my wife, doing my job to the best of my ability and fulfilling the demanding requirements and challenges in my new endeavor as a student at the University of Phoenix. I make every effort to plan properly to be on time for all the things I do. I pride my self on good time management skills and think it is very important to be on time because it shows respect for the class and it helps me in attaining my goal of not being late.
             It is very important for me to complete any assigned task whether it be personal or for school. This is both a requirement not just for school but also in everyday life. I hope that with the experience and the skills I have obtained, both in the military and in the civilian work force, I will able to meet the demands at school appropriately. It will be key for me to learn the material, participate with the class successfully and to complete all work assigned for the course I am currently enrolled in on time. .
             The course I am taking requires the need for group participation and interaction. This can be difficult at times because there is always the venue for personality conflicts, lack of participation and the difficulty associated with coordinating a time to meet with everyone's different schedule.

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