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Animal Farm

            Raj Parmar September 13, 2002.
             The novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell, exhibited talented characters who exploited .
             their power to out smart the other animals on the farm. No single animal portrayed similar traits .
             to me. However a combination of two do. The two animals that I would select that contain .
             similar traits to me are Boxer and Napoleon. Boxer is a powerful horse who exhibits limitless .
             amount of strength, loyalty , dedication, and is quick to help others, but he is slow minded and .
             naively trusts others. Napoleon is an intelligent pig who displays astute ideas. He exploit's the .
             other animal's lack of knowledge to better himself. All of these traits do not depict me, but a .
             number of them do.
             Boxer's strength is comparable to my mentality to attempt to go the extra mile with .
             everything that has to be done like Boxer"s motto, "I will work harder." At times, I do give up at .
             certain things, but only after I have analyzed the situation and come to the conclusion that it .
             would be a wise decision to give it up. Another comparison that I have to Boxer is that I am quick .
             to help others. I sincerely enjoy helping and bringing joy to others. Like Boxer was exploited for .
             his affability, I to am exploited. People take advantage of the fact that you are nice to them and .
             they think you have no recollection of their intention. However my mentality for this .
             predicament is "What goes around comes around." .
             Napoleon was an intelligent pig in the novel. Despite his selfish actions, he was .
             knowledgeable none the less. He used his intelligence to better himself and to put himself ahead .
             of others. In school I attempt to exercise my mentality to its fullest capacity. After I have .
             obtained my college education, I desire to use my knowledge to make myself better the average .
             American male citizen. In these respects, I compare to Napoleon. Napoleon went to the extreme of treating himself like a king after the rebellion because of the other animal's lack of knowledge .

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