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The American Dream

            Most people all around the world believe that United States is the strongest and wealthiest country on the earth. They are right. Nobody can deny that US hold the greatest power (economical, military and political), and currently are influencing almost every other country around with numerous ways. They also believe that America is the place to live for the smart and open - minded. "The land of freedom-, they say. "The land of opportunities- they believe. .
             As a foreigner that came here six months ago, and already used to a totally different environment, I'm afraid to say that I don't agree with all the above statements. One of the most important reasons that I chose to come to US in order to continue my studies was my curiosity: What's that nation's secret? Why people around me seem to accept America as a de facto "master-? What makes Americans so confident about themselves? In other words, why America stands "up there-? And frankly, I get more and more disappointed every day: does that worldwide famous "American dream- actually exist? Or is it a very bad joke?.
             I've written it at that paper's header. I'm not attempting to establish a new theory that destroys the "American dream-. I've just tried to turn the coin over, so I could see what's on the other side. And I didn't like much of what I saw. That's why I'm trying to place a "different voice- here, just to show that not all people think of America as of something exceptional, after all. .
             That essay is split in several parts, each one describing a characteristic of that society I thought it was interesting. Emphasis was given in US history (not in detail though, I tried to be objective at that point, too!), International Affairs, the way that American market works, and finally the education and general culture here. .
             [2] A briefing of US history.
             I said it before, and I'll keep repeating it throughout my essay: I don't want to analyze facts in a "scientific- and "open-minded- way.

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