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English Essay

            As a freshman in high school last year I learned a lot about responsibility. high and middle school you could rely on your teachers, but as a freshman you had to do everything yourself. My freshman year I had mostly higher courses than a lot of the students in my class. While they were taking general English, I was in College English I. Unlike in 7th and 8th grade we didn't have a class trip, but if you were in Spanish club or some other type of club you got field trips or summer trips. I was in FCCLA and Spanish Club; for FCCLA we went to the chocolate factory in Akron, and in Spanish club we went to Michigan for an international festival. This summer the Spanish club is planning to go to Costa Rica. .
             As a freshman I had gotten better grades than I have in the past and I plan to do so in my further high school career. I want to do something with computers when I graduate but I"m not exactly sure what yet. This year since I"m in a new school I feel I should work as hard as I can to show the teachers here that I am a good student, and that they help push me to be one. I"m not doing any sports this year because I need to work on getting a job. I will be getting my license soon, that is one of my main goals for the next six months. My biggest goal for this year is to determine my career for the future, since next year I could go to a Tech. Prep. School, also I only have two more years left of high school. .
             The only advice I could give to someone a grade younger than me is to not depends on others, you have to do it to get what you want. It's your responsibility to work for what you want; not others. Also don't slack off in your freshman and sophomore year because those two years mean the most to your high school career.

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