The Anti-Aging Revolution

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Aging is not a bad thing. As we live fuller and longer lives, we are becoming increasingly aware of this natural phenomenon. The external signs of aging are all obvious to us, from the simplest fine wrinkle lines of a twenty-something year old, to the crippling severe contractures that disable and prevent independent ambulation in an octogenarian. Awareness of aging comes from all around us, in the media, medical breakthroughs and advances in skin care and plastic surgery.

Basically, aging is the byproduct of our bodies decreasing ability to quickly and efficiently repair and maintain itself. There is a never ending struggle between the forces that contribute to deterioration and breakdown, and our bodies ability to identify, fortify, and combat these forces. Our comprehensive approach to anti-aging is focused at not only prolonging life but improving the quality and appearance of every aspect of our life and lifestyle.

Until very recently, anti-aging interventions have emphasized and utilized mostly supplements, skin care, and plastic sur

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