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My Personal Statement

            I have already loved writing since I was a young boy; at the age of 10 exactly. I clearly remembered when I handed in my own poem as a homework to my primary school teacher and she asked me if it was my own writing. I just wished she believed that it was my own work and I got a good mark for that. A few years later when I was in grade 10, I dropped by my friend's home and accidentally read a text book for secondary school students belonging to my friend's younger sister. And what a surprise that I found my poem in the text book. Something different from my original poem with that one was just the two latest additional lines which I had never written.
             In language classes, I used to get good grades. But it didn't mean that I was very bright for that subject. I just used to writing anything in my free time as a hobby and thought that it really influenced my language ability. I didn't even know whether my writing was good or not. However, my friends told me that they liked what I had written. Some of them copied my writing,- especially poems and something like wise words, for their own business. When I graduated from senior high school, I didn't directly go to university. I took English classes in some English courses in Kediri-, a city far from my hometown where people from different cities around Indonesia come to learn foreign languages like English, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. I had learned Vocabulary, Grammar, Structure, Public Speaking, Accent, and Pre-TOEFL for about one year. A class that I liked most at that time was American Accent. It was tutored by my best English teacher ever, Mr. Tantowi. He was very good in American accent for his five-year experience living in the United State. I was very active in his class and got "A" in the end of the term. After finishing all classes in Mr. Tantowi's English course, he asked me to manage one of his English camps and teach Basic English Grammar in his English course.

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