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industrial revolution

            The industrial revolution brought many positive and negative situations to the working class. The government tried to help the working class by setting up reforms. The industrial revolution was a big time period for the working class, and all classes of social status. Mostly workers felt they were being treated poorly or unfairly, which brought hate from the working class towards the political system. .
             The industrial revolution brought various problems to the working class. During the industrial revolution machines created to do work more efficiently. People brought them out of their homes and made factories to make products more quickly and efficiently. As the factories were becoming, they needed more people to work in them, so as adults ran out, they started using young children. The children worked until they became fatigued, and as they worked without as much energy and not to their best ability, they were beaten (document 1). Children were becoming ill and unhealthy from working in these factories. Elizabeth Barrett Browning viewed the children as even to weak to run or keep their eyes open, they are just dragged in to work and that's the only reason the were needed or good for (document 2). The worked were getting fed up with being treated poorly that they turned on the machines and started to destroy them (document 3).
             The government started reforms to solve the problems created by the industrial revolution. Owen wanted the workers the have a means of support. .
             They did not want the working class to be torn away from their fate. They wanted for them to get workers compensation, which was similar to welfare (document 4). The wanted to establish a class to reform the conditions of the work scene, to make the poor conditions into reasonable work conditions document 5). The government made restrictions on how much children could work. The parliament passed a factory act, which stated that children between the ages of eleven and thirteen could work mo more then 48 hours in a week and no more than 9 hours in a single day.

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