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industrial revolution

             A lot has been going on the past eighty years. We have had allot of innovations in farming and industry. Our cities are growing and the enclosure movement has forced small farmers out of business these changes are known as the industrial revolution. The industrial revolutions affects were mostly negative.
             The middle class is growing; this is good for our economy. Our population is also increasing. This is a good thing we need a strong middle class to help even out our society. The laws concerning our children's future are getting stricter and stricter by the day. We even have this whole new period of schooling called middle school. This is a good thing because our children need a head start. .
             Even though our education system is getting better it still has a long way to go. Here are some statistics for you to ponder about only 1:2 men can read and write. This is even worse only 2:3 women can read and write. Frankly our schools just don't have enough money to operate adequately. It literally sickens me to see some companies that are so huge they've created a monopoly. These monopolies are leaving no room for small business's to operate. What's happening to our utopia? Now whats up with the rich factory owners moving to the west to avoid all the fumes that are being put off by their factories. .
             We the people need to support our schools. The big man in his fancy house and his big car isn't going to do squat. The bottom line is if we want our kids to get ahead we need to make the change, because we all no the big man isn't gonna do squat. .
             I believe the government needs to get out there and set up some laws to help the small business man. The government should only help busines's; it shouldn't try to hurt it. .
             If the government doesn't get in their quick were going to be a society with a few rich, no middle class and a whole bunch of poor people. Our housing these days just isn't working for me I see ten family's in one room it's ridiculous.

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