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Scholarship Application

            Being part of the community is a very important role in my life. I grew up in a large city, and at a hard age I moved from it to a very small town. Being able to contribute to the community, and get to know my surroundings was essential for my growth. One of the greatest things about living in a small community is that everyone seems to know everyone else and there are many more opportunities in various areas. .
             I never would have imagined that what started out as a way to get to know some new people, and pass the summer months would turn into an extracurricular occupation of at least eight hours a week. I have now been dancing for five years, and volunteering help teach dance classes for three years. I cannot even begin to express the feeling that you get when you go out on the stage, all by yourself or even with a group of people, the lights shining in your eyes, knowing that everyone else in the room is watching you. It is an amazing feeling, you feel like you could conquer and accomplish anything as soon as the music starts, but this feeling is nothing compared to the feeling you get when you are watching someone you yourself have helped teach. You know exactly what they must be feeling; it is empowering to know that what you have done has made a difference, that you are making a difference. .
             I am one of the oldest students at the dance studio that I attend. This automatically has put me into the position of being a leader. I also have become somewhat of a role model within the studio; again because I live in a small community everyone knows each other, and everyone at the studio knows that I want to become a doctor, they know that I do well in school, they know that I also volunteer at a doctors office beyond just within the studio, and because they see someone achieving their goals they know that they can also reach theirs. .
             Ever since I started high school I knew what it was that I wanted to be, and I knew that the only way to get there was to work my hardest.

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